IoT application to improve machine maintenance scheduled efficiency

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Along with the development of the economy, the demand for goods is increasing, a great pressure is placed on factories to increase production even more. As global demand for goods of all kinds continues to grow, factories are under pressure to increase production. Machines must operate continuously to meet schedule, which means downtime and downtime are costly and wasteful. This is when a solution is needed to help predict machine maintenance –

The benefits of IoT bring

Factories that limit downtime by employing maintenance strategies – like preventive maintenance – can keep their equipment running as smoothly as possible. However, these strategies have limitations – it is not uncommon for them to miss machine failures that ultimately lead to machine breakdowns and downtime.

The rise of Advanced Technology develops new techniques – like predictive maintenance that can be much more efficient.

Here’s how Internet of Things (IoT) devices improve machine predictive maintenance techniques

What is predictive maintenance?

Most traditional plants do not use predictive maintenance technology. For each maintenance session, a technician must come to inspect each device, machine and system in person. If a device needs to be repaired, replaced, or is about to fail, the factory can fix it immediately or schedule a repair. Looking further, if the condition of the machinery to be replaced is scheduled for maintenance in advance, it will prevent future downtime, costing time and money.

Predictive machine maintenance builds on this strategy. Management engineers can use analytics software – software that often uses artificial intelligence or big data analytics – to build predictive models that can tell when machines need maintenance or are about to fail. . The way it works is to collect the right information from the devices as they work.

Benefits of predictive maintenance

Thanks to the predictive maintenance system, a factory will know sooner when machines need to be repaired and provide timely notification. This information will help plant managers reduce the risk of machine downtime or breakdowns, intermittent disruptions to other equipment, or harm to workers.

Some advanced predictive maintenance solutions can automatically shut down machines if they perceive machines that are performing abnormally or that an impending failure is imminent. Predictive maintenance solutions for machines will  reduce the risk of unexpected machine stops, downtime, damage or unnecessary injury.

What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to any device that connects to the internet to send or receive data. If you have a personal assistant at home or a piece of “smart” technology — like a smartwatch, smart thermostat, or smart camera — then you probably already own an IoT device.

In industry, IoT is mainly used for two purposes – information collection and remote control devices. The sensors that people use to gather information often track data about the operating conditions of machines, such as vibration, machine uptime, temperature or pressure. These data will be transmitted to the cloud or a local server station equipped with a predictive maintenance solution that can process this information.

In predictive maintenance, IoT sensors make up the critical data collection infrastructure that allows the system to analyze machine functionality. These sensors can develop an understanding of how operating conditions relate to machine function – like variables at which values ​​can signal an impending failure. Sensors typically collect data regularly – the time value here is per minute or per second.

How does IoT improve predictive maintenance?

AI and big data algorithms in predictive maintenance strategies are excellent at finding patterns in large amounts of data. However, predictive maintenance for machines can only work best when large amounts of information are up-to-date and accurate. This factor is why Industrial IoT (IIoT) devices are so useful in these solutions. A factory can be equipped with data-monitoring IoT devices that can update the factory data set more frequently.

From the best available machine operation data set, it will be possible to build the best predictive algorithm for the plant. A good algorithm is more accurate and helps plant managers respond more quickly to equipment performance problems.

Advantages of Pambu in predictive maintenance

Pambu is an IoT product developed to improve the efficiency of machine and line management and operation. With stable and continuous operation, it meets the needs of monitoring the operation of machinery and equipment, and gives accurate and timely assessments and warnings about the possibility of errors and life forecasts. Finally put in place suitable maintenance procedures.

With the use of new technologies, Pambu promises to be a companion of factories to accomplish the goals of efficient management and factory digitization in line with the industrial revolution 4.0.

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